Welcome to Atlantis Marine Services, Ship-chandler, general ship suppliers , marine services,and shipping agency covering all Egyptian ports and Suez canal area.
Atlantis is the option you should consider if you want quality, variety of products, offering the most comprehensive range of services tailored to your vessel’s needs, our expert team is trained to focus on your requirements and understanding the importance of supplying the right item at the right time and right prices.

Atlantis Marine Services established in 1997 at Port of Damietta as Ship chandler, General ship supplier and Marine Services. Continuous growth and dedication lead Atlantis Marine Services to expand its service and cover all EGYPT with our services, Suez portsaid, sokhna, adabyia, Alexandria, eldikhila, damita and ras shuqir.

Atlantis Marine Services are able to fulfill our clients requirements at all the major & minor ports of Egypt. Although not focusing in only one area, we have expertise in many such as technical stores, Fresh Provisions, Bond stores, Deck, Engine, Spare parts, Cabin, Chemical, Safety & Rescue equipments, repair & underwater works, spare parts forwarding and custom clearance. Ocean Shipping Services, a business house that is known for its strong roots and expertise in Shipping business.

Atlantis Marine Services offers various services regarding ship management. One thing that has always kept us going and growing is the satisfactory smile on our customers’ face. We have achieved our goals in maintaining, serving our principals with their almost satisfaction with best quality of service. Also fundamental to our success is our belief that shipping services are also about people. We appreciate the quality and loyalty of our management and staff and support them by encouraging and co-operating them with their necessities and requirements. Our leadership team and competent rates have helped us develop at a fast pace. Our customer service has been excellent and we had been complemented on many occasions by the Masters of the vessels. The efficiency and politeness of our supply team has also helped us develop and maintain a good relation between ship’s staff attended to.

To meet the challenge, we are always working to develop and improve our team’s abilities to respond efficiently and accurately to your requirements whenever, wherever needed.


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ISO 22000:2005

IMPA Certificate

ISO 9001 :2015


ISSA Certificate